OTP foundation & #FreeOneFreeOthers


OTP Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on freedom of expression in Indonesia. Established in 2010 and started its activities in providing instruction and training to the community, the current OTP Foundation has provided pro bono training to more than 20 provinces in Indonesia. Believes that freedom of expression is very important as a basic human right, OTP Foundation cooperate well with many private and public institutions, one of them with the ministry of youth and sports.



Yes, it is who we were, who we are, and who we will be. With every project that On That Point handles, we always share our dream in realizing bigger allocations for our social development programs through the establishment of our foundation. Today, we want to share you, what and how we are doing it. We believe that the future of the world lies in the shoulder of today’s generation. We aim to contribute to the birth of inspiring leaders who are not only brave to deliver their ideas but also develop their nation. Subsequently, we wish to focus on:

  1. The existing and emerging communities in under-developed regions.
  2. Those in developed regions but are struggling to grow.

Since 2009, we have initiated communication and leadership development workshops and coachings in areas such as Bima Mataram, Ambon Maluku, Banjarmasin Kalimantan and Medan North Sumatra. Through this 2-3 days’ workshop we witness people’s transformation: inspiring self, changing self, and believing in self. We have witnessed their personal growth. We also believe that the ideas should not stand alone. We will need everybody’s participation, including those who are growing. Only by re-sharing, the world will become a better place. You, who are reading this, are included in this. The #FreeOneFreeOthers scholarship program will require you to conduct a similar training as a form of re-contribution and giving back to the society. Once we provide the training for you, you are required to provide another training. You will also take part in the great movement. Grow with us by downloading the files below. OTP Scholarship Proposal If you are interested to donate to the foundation, you can contact us at info@otpinstitute.com.

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