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Communication = Practice. Not Talent.

I have seen a lot of people acknowledging the importance of communication. It’s everywhere, let me give you a simple example: In Fortune’s “5 Key – But Neglected – Skills for Success”, Communication skill is listed as number one.

But let’s take a look at the number of people paying attention to communication lessons: very few. Or, we may argue that there’s many, but instead of actually practicing the communication skills – we end up listening to the speakers, hence the speakers are the one who rehearse themselves instead of you, the participants who pay for millions.

But as much as people seem to practice a lot in the beginning, but often… people gave up. Eventually, they think it’s talent – “I’m not born with it”, “It’s useless – I have practiced.”, “Never mind communication – people won’t listen.” As much as some of these might be true, I have seen a lot of people who fight until the end accomplish a lot with their practices.

I’d like to share you a simple story: when I was delivering a session to share about “Branding your Writing” at Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, one of the most senior participant, a respected Maritime Professor came to me at the end of the session and was inspired by his own improvement regarding how he manage to re-package his research report into something simpler and able to be digested by local fishermen in his area. Do you know what he did?

He spent hours on re-writing it, and practiced to present it to us.

It was mind blowing and inspiring. I can also speak the same for numerous instances out there, countless numbers of people who spent one consistent year to improve on various of these field branches during their education year, or career year – all improve remarkably.

The purpose of this writing is very simple.

If those who are great with communication are born with talents, then how come behind every great successes of leaders, there are always painful stories that precede them as they learn to navigate in life and the sea of communication challenges?

And the answer to that is very simple. If only we wish to practice, impact is just a matter of time.

This is Bryan Gunawan’s little piece of thought. He has coached more than thousands of individuals of all age sectors ranging from 6 year-olds to 70 year-olds in communication & leadership in the last 8 years, and is in the process of writing the book “Can We #PlsTalk?”, unveiling stories of his cause for communication prowess to solve life challenges. Find him at twitter @bryangunawan.

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